Digital development of Territories

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Digital development of Territories

CORTEAM Consulting assists the local authorities throughout the life cycle of their project, from the stage of strategic thinking to the stage of operational implementation. This approach is accompanied by a constant assessment to check the consistency of the strategic issues and the suitability between the needs and the practices.

Our fields of action are:


CORTEAM Consulting assists the institutions that want to improve the services they provide to their territory:

  • The availability of communication facilities: fixed and mobile telephony networks, cables, fiber optic network, wifi/wimax networks…
  • The access to the equipments allowing to access to the networks: telephones, computers, TVs…, necessary interfaces for digital uses.
  • The services made available by the networks: public and private services

Some references:

  • Adec community of communes of Val de Moder: has participated for 12 years in the adventure of ADEC’s ICT cluster.
  • Departement de la Drôme: study of feasibility for the creation of an ICT cluster.


The Anticipation of seniors has to be consided from all angles:

  • The Training of people in the use of ICT as early as possible.
  • The organization of Personal Health Services, Mutual Aid Networks, Neighborhood Αssociations in advance.
  • The fostering of intergenerational relationship
  • The meeting places and the cybercentres that welcome and train elderly people.
  • The accessibility of web portals.
  • The creation of senior friendly website contents


CORTEAM Consulting accompanies your project and brings a real added value to the dematerialization of public services. In partial participation or in whole project management, the action of our consultants applies to:

  • Strategic thought and operational implementation
  • Production and circulation (or broadcasting) of real-time complete information
  • Management support of internal processes: technological, organizational and human aspects.

Teleworking and E-Organization

While a certain number of global factors influence the Local Authorities, these ones improve their organization. Progressing in quality of service for users require a redefinition of management and organization modes.

  • Re-acquire the modes of thinking and functioning
  • Elaborate and integrate new tools to ensure the progress in quality of users’ service
  • Implement a pertinent and personalize training with a monitoring and a continuous assistance
  • Evaluation and return of experience


CORTEAM Consulting provides support to these changes and develops a mode of vertical, horizontal or mixed cooperation and involves its action in a perspective of synergy. Its positioning within the ADEC offers resourceful and skillful workgroups that guide you throughout your project.


The Challenges of E-Tourism for the territories:

  • Enhance the attractiveness of territories and develop economic activities around tourism.
  • Develop and integrate new tools to ensure progress into touristic services quality
  • Training of workers and effective implementation of E-Tourism

CORTEAM’s concrete missions:

  • Digital Audit of tourism
  • E-tourism support
  • Management of change
  • E-reputation