Our values

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Our values

CORTEAM is more than a consulting firm, it is a network of skills… and values.

In CORTEAM network, we share strongly the follwing values:

  • a network functioning that relies on networking
  • an innovation spirit
  • teams in move based on a dialectic reflection/action
  • a cultural miscegenation
  • A militant choice to be settled in a rural area in order to participate and to be an active member of the territorial development of Val de Moder, with a settlement on the ADEC site.

CORTEAM formulates custom answers for your needs thanks to his consultants who bring areal methodology with:

  • A multi-field approach for the operations
  • A vision both European and regional concerning development, in which the NICT are promoted as an access tool for the worldwide market and a way to strengthen the identity and the development of local territories.
  • A customer approach gathering quality, innovation, partnerships and skill transfers together
  • A behaviour based on constant watching and knowledge sharing.

Every CORTEAM consultants adhere to a functioning charter, which recommend:

  • Pragmatic and enlarged operations
  • Respectful and transparent work relationships
  • Network works with efficient computing and communication tools
  • A vision that permit to think forward preserving the human aspect in the developed strategies