Our Ethics

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Our Ethics



Our code of operating values are based on:

  • pragmatic interventions
  • strategic perspectives
  • powerful communication and collaboration tools
  • efficient networking
  • respectful and transparent work team relations
  • a human dimension in the coorporate strategy

CORTEAM’s social responsibility

Our activist project: revitalize the community of communes of Val de Moder.

Our choice to settle in rural locations is based on our commitment to participate in local development. We are based on the ADEC site (The Association for the development of enterprises and competencies) for over 15 years. ADEC is supported by the General Council of Low-Rhine through objective agreements and implemented in a rural area in La Walck (Country of North Alsace). ADEC fully participates to the “Humans and Territories” approach.

CORTEAM’s carbon footprint balance sheet

CORTEAM undertakes to promote new approaches of organisation modes and operation systems and set up new challenges in terms of sustainable development (Green IT, teleworking, dematerialisation of procedures, digitalisation, etc ...). Τhe company sought to deepen the topic and consult its partners.


CORTEAM carried out an evaluation of its emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG). The evaluation(« Bilan Carbone » ™ ) was based on ADEME method. The analysis aimed to:


  • Evaluate energy dependence and anticipate the consequences of fluctuation in energy prices
  • Identify margins of maneuver in order to reduce energy consumption
  • Differentiate and valorize products
  • Face the Challenges of Climate Change
  • Reduce ecological footprint


An Initiative to develop and promote telework

Wishing to reduce our environmental footprint, we established a structure which facilitates work mobility.


A contribution towards knowledge transmission and accumulation

We intervene as lecturers in various Masters of the University of Strasbourg :


Moreover, we ensure the animation of collaborative platforms (wikis) and we are tutors of student projects.